The Complete Financial Management System for the Legal Marijuana Industry. Our platform is highly scalable and customizable, allowing us to gain actionable customer insights with our back-end analytical engine, view business opportunities with predictive analytics, streamline operations and personalize customer service based on the customer's known history and prior interactions with us.

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Data Intelligence

The Key to a successful solution starts with the proper management of data. This entails Knowing your data, how the data relates to other data, knowing the provenance and the quality of that data.
• Search across all data in every source (files, emails, web, databases, Blockchain, legacy systems etc.)
• Data Dashboards and Reports which are easy and intuitive to use
• Knowledge Graph representations of connections across disparate data sets, highlighting important relationships which just cannot be seen in other formats.

Enhanced Due Diligence

EDD for higher-risk customers it is especially critical in understanding their anticipated transactions and implementing asuspicious activity monitoring system that reduces reputation, compliance, and transaction risks.
• Provide comprehensive information on the current and previous business activities of potential customers
• Provide detailed intelligence on the status of the subject and their source of funds,enabling US to evaluate the suitability of the person/company
• Establish whether any links exist between customers and money laundering, organized crime, terrorism and/or corruption
• Provide comprehensive KY3P Identification, Verification, and Monitoring

Smart On-Boarding

The Smart On-boarding® Framework is a intuitive Data collection, Verification,and Screening System consisting of various modules
• Deployable across all platforms and devices
• Mobile ID capture and Verification
• Metadata Collection
• Signature Capture
• Document Collection and Verification
• Screens Entities and identifies risk
Smart On-boarding® Framework

Asset Tracking

A Blockchain solution for tracking assets, inventory, sales and information, as it moves its way through an organization and the economy.
• Creates a high level of compliance by building relationships between people, assets, and other Configuration Items(CI)
• Provide verifiable source of the asset(s)
• Uses pre-defined and custom relationship types to get a visual view of asset relationships.
• Provides an immutable audit trail for the creation and transfer assets
• Provides real-time inventory reporting by location


Streamlines KYC compliance and the distribution of due diligence documentation. Integrated with Thomson Reuters, and utilizes custom data sets and reporting.
• Provides a comprehensive risk-based KYC policy that has been stress tested with regulators and over 100 financial institutions globally
• Has proven operations that deliver the highest quality information
• Identifies ultimate beneficial owners (UBO)
• Screens entities and identifies risk flags
• Sources legal entity information from authoritative sources.
• Integrated ongoing screening and monitoring to detect changes in customers’ KYC profiles.


Utilizes statistical and analytical techniques to identify patterns of unusual and suspicious behavior by building profiles on each individual customer and comparing their financial activity against expected and peer group norms.
• Effective risk management covering AML typologies from the FATF, UN, the EU, DFAT and other relevant authorities
• Open Detection Paradigm -typologies can be reviewed and disclosed to regulators
• Auditable, repeatable processes with tailored workflow, AML models and reporting functions -to maintain regulatory compliance
• Proven AML detection efficiency and effectiveness
• Sophisticated Enterprise Investigation paradigm designed to enhance productivity and support process automation.


• Detailed Customer Information
• KYC Documents
• Compliance Scan Information
• Map Client Interactions
• View Financial Transactions
• View/Track Assets I.e. Inventory
• Identify Possible Risks
• View Alerts

MJPay is a Module utilizing Cryptocurrency as a solution for highly regulated industries that require a firewall between highly regulated commerce and the Banking System in general it sits on top of our other modules offering a level of report and compliance not currently available.
• Creates a firewall between financial institutions and their Normal Business
• Provides for a more controlled and compliant environment for financial institutions and customers to operate
• Provides financial institutions with a greater view into the day to day operation of their customers.
• Provides an immutable audit trail for the creation and transfer assets  • Keeps Bank and their customer compliant with State and federal regulations

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